Saturday, September 14, 2013

Birds, fascinating birds.

In march 2012 I went to Costa Rica to visit a friend. I travelled around the country for a month without really having anything planned. I only knew that I wanted to enjoy the pura vida vibe and take the advantage of the art of surfing. I found myself completely carried away by the magical vibes of the country and most of all I discovered another fascinating activity: bird watching.

The forest and the nature is really something spectacular in Costa Rica. I was amazed by the changing scenery from place to place, especially while traveling from the Caribbean side towards the pacific (or vice versa). However, this is to say that wherever I was, I was surrounded by wonderful birds. In the forest you can listen to beautiful singing and watching them coming out of the tree you have been carefully observing for 10-15 or more minutes, it's something I cannot describe.

So to make the story short,  I decided that my next trips will have some bird watching activities planned. I am now preparing my next trip: New Zealand! I have always wanted to go there for some reason. A part from the Lord of the Ring setting, the main purpose of my trip is to watch and observe the kiwi bird. Yes, I decided to visit New Zealand because of a bird and I can't wait!!

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